A False Sense of Superiority: Racial Prejudice and Cultural Appropriation

Moral Monday CT invited a young Hartford-based artist, Mieykeya Nycole McClendon,  to share her work with us.  Her capstone project focuses on the social injustices faced by people of African descent in the United States. Her project displays the reality of cultural appropriation and racial prejudice in America. In her own words... "The first painting that I completed is called … Continue reading A False Sense of Superiority: Racial Prejudice and Cultural Appropriation

Power to the People

During our #MonthofResistance, we at @MoralMondayCT encourage you to reclaim your power and the power of the people: February 20th #WorldDayofSocialJustice (and President’s Day) Mark it with a community clap back at #OVERREACH #WhyWeClapback POTUS #45 has his tweeting fingers on Executive Orders; law enforcement feels even more taser and trigger happy since November; and … Continue reading Power to the People

Pilgrim Foot and Knee

Some say America is experiencing a whitelash against black self-determination and power…that Trumpism would never be possible without the Presidency of Barack Obama. The proverb states that until the lions have their own storytellers, the history of the hunt will glorify the hunter. The power of story, history and propaganda are demonstrated in films such … Continue reading Pilgrim Foot and Knee

Primer: Freedom Songs for Protestors

Join Moral Monday CT as we raise our voices and spirits in the struggle Hell U Talmbout - Janelle Monae Eric Garner Song I can hear my brother (neighbor, sister) saying (calling, crying) I can’t breathe Now I’m in the struggle and (saying) I can’t leave (We’re) Calling out the violence of the racist police … Continue reading Primer: Freedom Songs for Protestors