As this nation woke up and responded to the call for the Women’s March on Washington that took place on January 20, 2017, in the aftermath of the election of President Donald Trump. Moral Monday CT’s leadership organized a small delegation to accompany the broader CT statewide group going to the march in Washington, DC. Our delegation was led by MMCT co-founder Pamela Selders.

Recognizing the need to continue what has begun with enthusiasm, it was suggested that MMCT host a gathering to debrief the march and maybe begin talking about next steps. It became clear doing the course of the evening event held on February 6, 2017, there was overwhelming support for the development of a framework of connection and continuity. So with a woman’s eye, a small group of women led by Pamela Selders have begun the process of envisioning, dreaming and strategic planning with the goal of organizing and mobilizing women, from across the state. A significant distinction to mention here is the importance of black women and other women of color who will be not only at the table of our planning/implementation but also in leadership.

We gathered  to continue the work with the ultimate end to make MMCT Women of Resistance one steadfast place of gathering and consultation, of sharing and convening, of learning and skills building. We have actions, events, workshops, lectures and other gatherings planned as we move forward in the work.

Stay Tune!