From Freddie Gray. Tamir Rice. Tanisha. Anderson. Mya Hall. Jerome Reid. Shelley Fredy. To Michael Brown. All Roads Lead to Ferguson. This is a Black Lives Matter Tour from Hartford to Ferguson featuring the Peace Poets, Kristen Graves, Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul, and Mary, and other artists coming to a city near you! Join us for these historic Justice Gatherings to declare that Black Lives Matter! #ARLTF2015 #MoralMondayCT #BlackLivesMatter

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On August 9th 2014, Michael Brown was gunned down in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. In the weeks and months following, this spark gave rise to a raging flame in urban America. Recognizing other tragedies, such as the deaths of Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Tanisha Anderson, Mya Hall, Jerome Reid, and Shelly Frey, a national, even international movement has come to declare that “Black Lives Matter” in the face of oppressive ideologies and practices.

The goal of these Justice Gatherings, in relationship with the Black Lives Matter and Moral Monday movements, is to lift up the message that has been consistently expressed during the last year. These are:

1) seeking an end to police brutality and overreach via accountability and transparency,

2) ensuring employment opportunities for black and brown people,

3) prioritizing quality housing for black and brown people,

4) ending the school to prison pipeline and an increase in quality education, and

5) ending mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex

We, as activists, artists, students, and community leaders seek to invigorate the participation in a momentous action from Hartford to Ferguson in order to create space for change.

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