MMCT Stands with Arvia

Moral Monday CT joins with others, CT-Core Organize Now, The American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut and The Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund in expressing our outrage and disappointment over the comments made by State Senator


John Fonfara to Planned Parenthood of Southern New England’s advocate, activist, lobbyist, freedom fighting black woman and our sister, Arvia Walker.

It is almost inconceivable that a veteran white male state legislator would express comments that reek of self-focused insensitivity and downright ignorance. Our society is plagued with examples of the lived realities of the legacy of slavery and racial inequity. Our communities are overwhelmed by the continued expressions of gender inequality and sexism. Sen. Fonfara’s unfortunate remarks stand as a reminder of the work that’s to be done as we attempt to live up to the high ideals of our democracy.

While an apology has been issued, and plans are in motion for a community forum hosted by Sen. Fonfara, this is simply not enough.

During this time in our national dialogue and consciousness, race, racism and sexism are front and center. Let’s take this opportunity to go deeper in Connecticut. Let’s take the opportunity to recognize the power of the individual to influence policy and law and how potentially these policies and laws are meted out. As people of faith and conscious, it is important as we address systems of abuse and oppression, we also work to change the hearts and minds of people who work within them.



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