Nuns on the Bus “Mend the Gap” Stop in Hartford Hosted by Moral Monday CT

On July 24th, the Nuns on the Bus, lead by Sister Simone Campbell, came to Hartford for their “Mending the Gaps” tour across the U.S. While in Hartford, Moral Monday CT hosted the group and discussed efforts towards racial justice in Hartford and the state at large. The lunch was hosted by Rev. Curtis Farr … Continue reading Nuns on the Bus “Mend the Gap” Stop in Hartford Hosted by Moral Monday CT

Dunkin Donut Park Reflection

The controversy around Hartford’s “Dunkin Donuts Park” continues, I am reflecting that the proposed stadium was sold to us as an economic engine to revitalize the city’s North End.  Former political leaders signed on to the project and here we are today.  Stadium not finished.  Price tag for it somewhere between $60 - $70 million. … Continue reading Dunkin Donut Park Reflection

Let My People Vote

Good News: There have been more than 76,000 new registrations since the start of the year and around half of those are people under 30. Bad News: In Connecticut, 30% of eligible voters are unregistered. (Unregistered or unaffiliated voters have until Monday to register with a party if they want to participate in the presidential primaries. Voter … Continue reading Let My People Vote

Primer: Freedom Songs for Protestors

Join Moral Monday CT as we raise our voices and spirits in the struggle Hell U Talmbout - Janelle Monae Eric Garner Song I can hear my brother (neighbor, sister) saying (calling, crying) I can’t breathe Now I’m in the struggle and (saying) I can’t leave (We’re) Calling out the violence of the racist police … Continue reading Primer: Freedom Songs for Protestors