In Connecticut, 30 percent of eligible voters are unregistered. In the nation, 1.3 million votes cast in 2012 won’t be cast in 2016 due to new voter suppression laws, bans on early voting and other restrictions.

Increasing access to automatic registration, early voting and other measures help to strengthen the democratic process.


Young voters, the unemployed and renters are the least likely to engage in electoral politics. Automatic registration is a proposal being considered in Connecticut and the nation.  It would reduce the number of voters who fall off the voting rolls when they move.  Registering and voting quickly, automatically and, preferably, online would grant greater access to young, working, disabled and other voters.

Automatically registering Connecticut voters when they do business with the Department of Motor Vehicles could add 400,000 voters in Connecticut.

Another proposal being considered in Connecticut and many states is restoring voting right for convicted felons.  Since people of color are disproportionately afflicted by mass incarceration, the could affect communities of color.

  • Make voting systems secure, reliable and verifiable
  • Stop scams and intimidation campaigns that drive people away from the poll
  • End partisan redistricting, so voters choose our representatives rather than the other way around

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