White Supremacy in Public Education

Liberal Arts Action Lab with Capital Community College and Trinity College, Hartford CT   Destination: 10 Constitution Plaza  Hartford, Connecticut Parking Instructions: Free Parking...we will validate your ticket. Go to Constitution Plaza South Garage entrance (around 68 Kinsley Street) to park directly underneath 10 Constitution Plaza. Once parked, head to your floor's elevators. Take the elevator … Continue reading White Supremacy in Public Education

Statement Regarding Melissa Schlag

Statement Regarding Selectwoman Melissa Schlag July 27, 2018 Haddam, Connecticut Selectwoman Melissa Schlag, a Democrat taking a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance at the board of selectmen meeting earlier this month has set off a controversy that is gathering a chorus of voices reacting and responding. We understand she was registering her disapproval over … Continue reading Statement Regarding Melissa Schlag