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1. An end to state-sanctioned violence against black and brown people

Every 28 hours a black person is killed by someone employed or protected by the U.S. government. Black and brown people are targeted, denied due process and murdered because of dehumanizing/superhumanizing police practices. We want an immediate moratorium on shoot to kill policies and an end to state-sanctioned killings and violence against our people.

     2. Full employment for our people

Every individual has the right to employment and a living wage. Inability to access good jobs and fair pay marginalizes our communities. Poor employment and educational opportunities prepare us for imprisonment and deny us of our right to a life with dignity.

     3. Affordable, quality housing

Our communities have a right to affordable housing that protects our families and allows for our children to be free from harm.

     4. End the school to prison pipeline

We want an end to policies that criminalize our young people as well as discriminatory discipline practices that bar access to quality education. Furthermore, we want our children to be able to access free, quality education including free or affordable higher education.

     5. Abolish mass incarceration and end the prison industrial complex

We want an end to over-policing and surveillance of our communities. Policing historically enforces racist laws, policies and norms. Black and brown people, as a result, are criminalized, hyper-incarcerated, and a massive prison industrial complex built on the warehousing of black and brown people developed. We call for the cessation of mass incarceration and the eradication of the prison industrial complex.

6.  Eliminate health and mental health disparities

Zip code and race are two of the strongest predictors of life expectancy for Americans, and African Americans fare the worst in terms of mortality and health among all racial and ethnic groups.  “Social determinants of health” are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, age and die.  They are shaped by unequal distribution of money, power, and other resources.  Access to resources can dramatically improve health outcomes and promote health equity.

7.  Environmental justice

As a cleaner, more inclusive energy economy grows, it should bring jobs and opportunity to our communities.  #Flint is a reminder that racism is in the air we breathe, the water we drink. We demand government accountability, effective industry regulations, clean energy, and fair housing. Clean power to the people.

8. Protect voting rights and prevent voter suppression

 In Connecticut, 30 percent of eligible voters are unregistered. In the nation, 1.3 million votes cast in 2012 won’t be cast in 2016 due to new voter suppression laws, bans on early voting and other restrictions.

Young voters, the unemployed and renters are the least likely to engage in electoral politics. Registering and voting quickly, automatically and, preferably, online would grant greater access to young, working, disabled and other voters. Automatically registering Connecticut voters when they do business with the Department of Motor Vehicles could add 400,000 voters in Connecticut.

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