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Statement Regarding the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

Picture from Palestinian refuge camp near Jerusalem.

May 15, 2021

Dear MMCT Family,

The news and images out of Palestine/Israel recently have been devastating. From the violence at Sheikh Jarrah, a small East Jerusalem neighborhood, to the Israeli government sanction raids on Al Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third most holy place during the holy time of Ramadan, to the rocket fire in and out of Gaza, the lines of conflict are drawn on ethnic, national, historic, and religious grounds.

The tensions are felt by many across the globle.

Co-Founder, Bishop John Selders remarks, “My heart is breaking for the sisters and brother of faith in the region, as oppression and violence have cause us to pay attention to this pain filled struggle for liberation.” Lady Pamela and Bishop JS have travelled to Palestine/Israel a number of times and are firsthand witnesses to the on the ground realities of hurt, harm, violence and atrocities experienced there.

Moral Monday CT stands in solidary with our Muslim sisters and brothers who are in the throngs of the strugge for their homes, their dignity and their lives. We condemn the on-going bombing and war making responses leading to more suffering and death. We call on our MMCT family to hold our friends who are impacted by this conflict in your thoughts and prayers during this season.

Moral Monday CT Leadership Team

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