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White Supremacy in Public Education

Education Salon #1 (1)

Liberal Arts Action Lab

with Capital Community College and Trinity College, Hartford CT


Destination: 10 Constitution Plaza  Hartford, Connecticut

Parking Instructions:

Free Parking…we will validate your ticket.

Go to Constitution Plaza South Garage entrance (around 68 Kinsley Street) to park directly underneath 10 Constitution Plaza.

Once parked, head to your floor’s elevators. Take the elevator up to the Plaza level by pressing “P”.

After exiting the elevator, you will see two glass doors in front of you that lead to the plaza. Do not use those doors, instead turn to the right to find the entrance to 10 Constitution Plaza. You will see a Trinity College sign to the left of the door.

Stairs to Constitution Plaza:

10 Constitution Plaza is on the plaza level, above the street level. If you are riding the bus or a bike, we recommend entering “1 Constitution Plaza” into your GPS to navigate to the ground level, and then take the stairs up. Walk up the stairs (marked by red arrows) to Constitution Plaza at the corner of State House Square and Market Street or at the corner of Kinsley Street and Market Street. You can also take the stairs on American Row or State Street. Look for a one-story glass building on the plaza level, above the street level.

Click here for a map of the plaza.

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