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A Black Woman’s Perspective on the Million Women March

For many years, it has been left unseen just how women played a pivotal part in American history. In many instances, women have been drowned out and pushed behind the scenes leaving men to take the credit. From past to present women have shaped how the country has progressed. There are so many, but to just name a few: Jane Addams, Harriet Tubman, Eleanore Roosevelt, Anna Julia Cooper, Coretta Scott King, Susan B. Anthony, Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Height, Shirley Chisolm, Alice Paul, Jeannette Rankin, Angela Davis, and Michelle Obama. Although, there could be pages upon pages of women, the women listed here have been part of many that have broken down barriers and made major contributions to history through activism, education, professions, and legislation. In 2017 women again come from behind the scenes to play an more active role in the progression not just in the United States but all around the world.

As an MSW student interning with Moral Monday CT, I had the privilege to attend the Women’s March in Washington DC, on January 21. It was truly gratifying to be in solidarity with women regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious, or cultural background.  This was an experience that broke historic records. An experience that made me more than ever proud to be a woman, a woman of color, an activist, and a future community organizer. An experience that has shaped my mind and perspective positively. There were many marches held all around the world, from the United States to Antarctica. Women came together in solidarity to send a profound message. A message letting the new presidential administration know we are here, we have a voice, and we are not afraid. Although this was a women’s march, men also stood strong in solidarity a
longside Planned Parenthood, LBGTQIA community, immigrants, woman of color, and women of all religious and cultural backgrounds.

Many wonder after such a wonderful, historic, prolific day, what is next. I am sure that it does not stop here. As I stated earlier women have been part of the greatness that has shaped America. In the upcoming days, months, and years this nation we will be faced with policies that will affect us negatively in some way or another. The march on Washington and around the world has unleashed a movement that is strong in force.

This is a time of resistance, our eyes are open, our ears are listening, and our voices are going to be heard. I urge my fellow women to stay strong in solidarity, stay woke, and fight back.

Allyce Pace

|  Allyce is a mother of two, entrepreneur, hair stylist, community organizer, and MSW student at the University of Connecticut.  |

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