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Post Election Reaffirmation Statement

The results of this election are the culmination of a difficult and often, disturbing campaign. President-elect Donald Trump garnered support on a platform riddled with hateful rhetoric. Even more troubling, he has proposed radical policy changes that attempt to normalize  the oppression of people of color and other marginalized groups. Moral Monday CT has heard the pain and prayers of people of faith and conscience.  Make no mistake: the election has  devastating implications for our democracy, our morality and our communities.

We stand against any actions that normalize and advance white supremacy at the expense of our communities.

“Moral Monday CT reaffirms its presence, philosophy and practices locally, nationally and globally. As we continue our work to revive and reconstruct America, we proclaim proudly, as we do each day, that Black Lives Matter,” says Co-Founder, Bishop John Selders.

“We mounted a faith-based resistance movement to a national myth,” adds Selders. “That myth is meritocracy—that if you work hard you can be anyone you want to be.”

Moral Monday CT organizes non-violent civil disobedience and social action in the movement for Black lives. “We pledge to be the relentless voice for racial justice” said Selders. We support and train partners in the movement for black and brown lives here, near, and far. We facilitate revolutionary conversations to educate and call freedom fighters to action. We work in the context of the broad-based fusion body politic.

Irrespective of who holds political office, our demands for the marginalized and oppressed remain the same:

  1. End police brutality;
  2. Full employment;
  3. Affordable, quality housing;
  4. End the school-to-prison pipeline;
  5. End mass incarceration;
  6. Elimination of health disparities;
  7. Environmental justice; and
  8. Protect voting rights and prevent voter suppression

We formed our work in response to the terrorizing of black lives. We are ever present to the on-going crisis that moves us to expand the necessary work of assertive advocacy for social change – to strategize, to organize, to mobilize, to revolutionize. The time is still now!

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