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Black Lives Matter Protesters Protest Police Brutality in Hartford

Every 28 hours a black person is killed by someone employed or protected by the U.S. government

Dozens of people of faith and conscience protested at City Hall in front of Mayor Bronin’s home in response to a recently released video showing Hartford Police using excessive force.  Eight activists were arrested for non-violent civil disobedience.

Sgt. Sean Spell was caught stomping on the head of a handcuffed suspect on video in June.  Spell has been named in numerous citizen and civil rights complaints. It should be noted that the video was only released once the officer had retired on a $128,000+ annual pension.

Recent studies have documented implicit bias on the part of officers of all backgrounds, including those here in Connecticut.  What is known is that black and brown people are systemically treated differently by the police: 827 people have been killed by police so far this year.  

“It is time for Hartford’s chief executive to join with increasing numbers of other city residents and concerned citizens of Connecticut. Mayor Bronin ought to be the first in decrying the brutality and over-reach of officers like Spell,” said Bishop Selders, Moral Monday CT Founder.

Moral Monday CT has demanded that all police departments in Connecticut disclose their arsenals.  Other demands:

• Hold police officers accountable for excessive force and bias

• Re-train the police in non-violent communication, anti-oppression, trauma-informed practices 

• Meet the needs of those with physical and behavioral challenges 

• Strengthen community policing

Supporters will gather at Community Court, 80 Washington Street, at 9 AM each morning this week as the #ElmStreet8 appear as promised.

See also news coverage of the event.

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