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Minority-Owned Businesses Boost Hartford’s Economy

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin will hold a town hall at 5 PM, Monday, January 25, at the Hartford Public Library 500 Main Street to discuss the Hartford Yard Goat Stadium agreement.

Last month, DoNo informed the city that the $56 million project was $10.3 million over budget, and the stadium would not be able to open on schedule.

In the latest agreement, the City will receive $2 million from the Yard Goats and $2.3 million from DoNo Hartford. DoNo will cover about $2 million in tax payments. This leaves the city to finance $5.5 million.

On his first day of work, Mayor Bronin commented that Moral Monday CT and Minority Construction Council protesters, “…the message they are sending is important, which is when there is work done in the city of Hartford, we have to make sure the residents of the city of Hartford benefit.”

The $180 million in wages alone represents the average annual income of more than 10,000 city residents. Accordingly, Moral Monday CT demands accountability from our leaders.

Like the nation, Hartford area businesses saw a decline among white-owned and an increase among Black-owned firms.  Latin@-owned firms saw the largest increase in Hartford as well as the nation.

As Connecticut grapples with economic development, Hartford could lead in supporting minority-owned firms by recognizing them as assets in community stability.

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